Aims and scope

The idea to create Current Bioscience came about when I realized the difficulty of publishing scientific articles in open-access peer-reviewed journals. This is due to the fact that the most serious journals published only a low percentage of the articles they received and the high publication rates (APC) that in many journals exceed € 2,000. It is clear that there are now ways to make articles available on the internet, such as in repositories and preprint platforms. However, in the end, an article must go through a peer review process to gain recognition for its quality. This means that there are many scientific articles of good enough quality not published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Therefore, Current Bioscience aims to promote and contribute to the publication of research studies. The journal is a peer-reviewed open-access journal launched in February 2021 and publishes research articles, letters, and reviews. Current Bioscience highlights the most significant advances in different fields of biosciences, but with a special focus on the field of microbiology and immunology including basic and clinical studies.

Example of some topic of interest for Current Bioscience:

  • Molecular Pathogenesis
  • Cellular Microbiology: Pathogen-Host Cell Molecular Interactions
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Host-Associated Microbial Communities in Health and Disease
  • Host Response and Inflammation
  • Fungal and Parasitic Infections
  • Microbial Immunity and Vaccines
  • Molecular Genomics
  • Interaction of Microbial Communities with Their Host